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Thanks, hublot aerobang watches Wolfgang. Welcome, Dominik.sharetweetshareWhat do Robert Morris, John Witherspoon, and Wolfgang Blum share? They belong to the fraternity of lesser-known founding fathers. WatchTime readers surely be aware of names Joe Thompson, Norma Buchanan and Mark Bernardo - our Washington, Jefferson and Franklin. Some trivia nuts could even know who Howard Fine is. But as up your eyes move across the masthead, toward the lower, you will find the man who managed to make it all possible - Wolfgang Blum. Blum is WatchTime's founding father, this also week, he formally steps right down to come back to his native Germany, his work complete. As Joe Thompson writes in the tribute that appears inside the December issue (on newsstands soon), Blum could be the person WatchTime's parent company Ebner Verlag tapped to produce playboy in 1999. Blum hired the team, set a dark tone, and oversaw the growth of the WatchTime you realize today - playboy magazine, website, live events, iPad and iPhone apps, special issues rolex replica , Buyer's Guide and more, are all products of Blum's vision and dedication. As stated by Barnes & Noble, WatchTime continues to grow to get the #1 selling US watch magazine by some distance, and it's the only real watch magazine within the top 10% in sales on the list of over 5,000 titles B&N offers. Joe Thompson witnessed (and contributed immensely to) this success, and the December piece tells the total story greater than I ever could.Blum's successor has already been in the helm in New York. His name is Dominik Grau, and that he best person to lead WatchTime inside digital age. Grau, who comes from Munich, is formerly a director at IDG (International Data Group) replica tag heuer original watches , by far the largest technology, media, events , and research company, and the man will oversee several new initiatives as WatchTime is constantly develop within this exciting new trend.So please join me in the heartfelt herzlichen Dank to Wolfgang Blum, and also a hearty Willkommen to Dominik Grau. They cook WatchTime possible.Below, Wolfgang Blum (left) and Dominik Grau with the San fran Inside Basel/Geneva event latest research by. sharetweetshare replica aerospace watch
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