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2008 - A ResumeThrough Netherlands, the entire year 2008 is almost over. Just a few hours left of the very stirring year. I take advantage of your message stirring, because a wide range of stuff happened in 2008. The two most important era of 2008 will be in contrast with each other cheap replica watches . Reduce costs will be the decrease of Speedmaster and chronograph legend most of all a greatly appreciated (watch) friend ?Chuck Maddox.Your second important event is the fact Gurus my girlfriend on first Christmas day to marry me (and she or he said Yes!). I gave her a Christmas present and had the proposal engraved in the case back of the watch. It took quite some time before she noticed it (evidently girls are mainly centered on the dial an incident and do not turn the watch to consider the caseback), therefore i could finally present her outstanding ring produced by Gerton van der Laan. Due to Gerton , Jan Klaas and Alon for all the help and work with the watch, ring and diamond Much appreciated.Additionally, I been able to successfully finish my post-graduate study IT-auditing for the VU Amsterdam (bought an IWC Ingenieur to celebrate the finishing of my thesis ;)), changed jobs from the same organization, along some great and impressive vacations.As for replica watches, it had been a significant fruitful replica watches year. Besides the IWC Ingenieur I said earlier, In addition, i added a rose gold chronograph with the 1940s from Titus Geneve and an Omega Speedmaster Professional from 1969. I will be extremely pleased with all 3 ones and find myself wearing the IWC Ingenieur most of the time panerai luminar watches .In 2008, I additionally started this LinkedIn Group (networking site) for watch enthusiasts named a love for Watches. Craigs list 800 members, a successful group using a lively discussion on replica watches as well as the watch industry. In case you haven signed-up yet, please do so! My other small project would have been a Dutch Panerai forum. It comes with a great deal of Dutch and Belgian Paneristi members and even though the users are relatively slow, the products the posts is satisfactory enough!2008 have also been the entire year to me that haute horlogerie brands like MB&F, Maitres du Temps and Urwerk appeared on my own radar rolex watches uk . I always kept a bit of distance, his or her prices are beyond reachable personally, nevertheless the creativity in design and technique needs a wide range of respect imho . I experienced a lots of enthusiasm from the owners of these brands towards internet (blogs, forums) regarding exposure. However, greater conservative brands can also be making big steps.. Due to LinkedIn I regularly am in contact with representatives of settled brands which might be well prepared to showcase replica watches I blog about. That a fantastic trend!Finally, I have to wish all my readers, sponsors, fellow bloggers and watch friends a happy new year! Rapidly credit crisis, I hope that replica watches, watch manufacturers and retailers find your attention [they deserve]!Warm regards,Robert-Janrj@www.fratelloreplica watches.com replica aerospace watch
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