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Le Locle, Switzerland: Rolf Schnyder, the owner and president of Ulysse Nardin, turned 75 this year, and to commemorate his
achievements, the brand is introducing a brand new restricted edition, the Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo Rolf 75 Restricted Edition.
Searching back on Schnyder's 75 years feels a lot like an adventure novel, and Schnyder will be the initial to admit that he had an
excellent time. "It's been fairly an adventure so far, and I am not almost carried out, " he says. "I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland,
raised like numerous a Swiss boy, playing, skiing, and studying within this stunning nation. But I had a want most other people did not
have, to determine what was far outdoors the borders. "
In the young age of 22 Schnyder was hired by a Swiss Trading Business and sent to Bangkok to distribute Swiss timepieces in Thailand '
and this brave journey in to the East also heralded the starting of an odyssey in to the globe of watchmaking that might span the
following 53 years. In 1968 he founded in Thailand the very first Swiss factory within the Far East to generate precision watch elements
for export to Switzerland. He later built a watch case factory in Manila along with a dial factory in Kuala Lumpur that created a number
of precision watch elements for the Swiss watch business.
"I discovered the exotic adventure I was yearning for ' I found locations no Swiss individual had ever set foot (as well as wrote about
them for Swiss as well as other publications, " he particulars. "I learned the language, roamed the nation selling Swiss Replica watches and
produced my begin as an entrepreneur. This region of Asia was unchartered territory for Europeans at that time, so I was in a position
to complete items impossible to complete now ' like developing a raft in the Burmese border and floating down the well-known River Kwai,
camp on the beach at Phuket (as there had been no hotels back then), spending time in Laos and Vietnam throughout the war, go to China
throughout the Cultural Revolution, and much more. I roamed far and wide, via Thailand, Laos, Bali, Cambodia, China, South Vietnam,
Japan and spent three months leave within the South Pacific  sailing via the islands from Fiji, Tonga to Tahiti and Bora Bora.
1 of Schnyder's hallmarks has been to mix fantastic enjoyable with difficult function ' he played rugby for the Royal Bangkok Sports
Club, organized tours for Europeans to remote parts of Thailand and also the Temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, began businesses,
collected antiques and lived it up as a carefree bachelor. As a veteran snow skier he switched to water skiing on a whim entered
competitions and wan the Hong Kong water ski marathon about the island in 1967.
"It was much more than I could have ever dreamed, and throughout this time, I laid the foundation for the future having a keen eye for
chance and also the capability to take calculated dangers, " he adds.
Throughout 1 of his annual visits to St. Moritz, exactly where Schnyder competes on the well-known Cresta Skeleton Run he learned that
Ulysse Nardin was for sale. That was in 1983 when Switzerland's watch business was within the doldrums because of the arrival from the
quartz age. Ulysse Nardin was small much more than a shell, a carcass having a well-known name he describes it, omega aqua terra and he set about
transforming the brand with an emphasis on distinctive, complex watchmaking with innovation at its core. Replica watches like the Astrolabium
Galileo Galilei, the Planetarium Copernicus, the Tellurium Johannes Kepler, the Minute Repeater Jaquemart San Marco, the Freak, the
Genghis Khan and much more followed breitling fake watch , all getting a typical theme ' innovation. Ulysse Nardin has been a leader within the adopting of
new supplies, new technologies and new methods of performing items because Schnyder relaunched the brand. bulova watch repair
In recognition of his contributions to watchmaking, Schnyder was awarded the "Spirit of Enterprise" Gaia Award in 2003 from the Musee
International d'Horlogerie for his entrepreneurial achievements and commitments. This award was followed from the bestowment from the
"Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve: Asian Edition in Singapore this year for his continued
contributions towards watch creating technologies and innovations.
Schnyder presently splits his time in between Switzerland and Malaysia. When he isn't overseeing company in Le Locle, he is either at
his house in Kuala Lumpur or going to subsidiaries and retailers about the planet. Schnyder shares a stunning sprawling tropical house
with his Sarawakian wife Chai, and they're the proud parents of 3 teenage kids.
To celebrate his birthday, and to honor how far Ulysse Nardin has come, the brand has decided to introduce a restricted edition,  Ulysse
Nardin Freak Diavolo Rolf 75 Restricted Edition in Platinum, total with Schnyder's signature on the case. This unique Freak, restricted
to 75 pieces worldwide, was selected becausethe Freak is emblematic from the innovation which has characterized Ulysse Nardin's rebirth.
As Schnyder describes it, the Freak shook up and inspired the watch creating fraternity. The Freak combined technical innovation having
a revolutionary esthetic. A Carrousel Tourbillion with out crown, no hands, no dial and having a novel Dual Direct escapement produced
in a  new light weight material ' silicium ' which needed no lubrication.
"Almost 30 years ago, I purchased Ulysse Nardin, a calculated danger as I believed there was a powerful opportunity that distinctive,
revolutionary mechanical Replica watches could thrive, and it turns out I was correct, " Schnyder explains. "I fell in adore with this grand old
brand and our new revolutionary path.
To celebrate my 75th birthday, I've selected the Freak simply because it was an historic breakthrough for Ulysse Nardin and for the
watch business generally, and it's by far our most significant piece. "
When asked what he wished for when he blew out the 75 candles on his birthday cake, Schnyder commented "I wish I could turn the clock
back and do it all more than again"!
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